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23 May 2022

Lisa Morgan (Associate)

.. learnt hypnosis 20 years ago and hasn't been the same since. She combines her understanding of trance and research to converse with consumers' unconscious minds about images, metaphors, what ifs and the decisions they are making.

Lisa's been an agency planner, qualitative researcher and worked on the client side. Nine years living and working in Japan has given her a taste for proper sushi and slimy vegetables.

Major Irritation: Late trains. Isn't signal failure so 20th century?

Biggest Mistake: Thinking I was too busy to sing, so missing out on 20 years of performing Bach and Handel.

Favourite brand: Dickies Landmaster – the ultimate warm wellington boot.

Dream project: – that's what I do – clients pay me to listen to people's dreams and explore the images inside their minds.

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